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wild space testimonials

'“My children have become resourceful and resilient, building connections with others and to the land. They have had so much freedom to explore, learn, develop confidence and, best of all, be a little bit wild in nature!" Sabrina, mum of Tilly, 11 and Nancy, 8. 


“I love my kids being outside, giggling and running about. I love picking them up and seeing their muddy, smiling faces. Trudy makes sure that each child's interests are included and shared. Definite high point of the week for our kids.” Nic, mum of Sam, 13 and Amelia, 11

“I have so much fun at Forest School!" Nancy, 8

My favourite things to do at Forest School are making peashooters and playing in the mud" Freddie 9

"Trudy was born to be a Forest School teacher - these kids are doing what nature intended and loving every minute of it! I'm so glad my daughter has these wonderful opportunities with such a passionate leader and facilitator" Jen, mum of Delilah, 12 


"Trudy has a warm heart and she is a very fun teacher. I enjoy Forest School because we always have a great time and I have made some new friends." Freddie, 9

"A great place for exploring the forest, being with friends and fun!" Celeste, 10


“I've made loads of new friends. I love all the mud, fire rope swings and fun!" Amelia, 11

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