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What ages is Wild Space Woodland Adventure Club for?

We take children from age 5 upwards.

What will my child be doing at Wild Space?

They could be doing anything from building a den to playing manhunt, painting and crafting or even meditating! We aim to tailor the activities we offer to individual needs so they'll always be something for everyone. All sessions will have an element of free play within them where children design their own play. We often have a campfire and all children will learn how to lay, start and extinguish a fire safely. They will also learn basic knots and how to put up a tarp shelter and a rope swing.

What if the weather is bad?

We run sessions all throughout the year: snow, hail, sun or rain! In fact, some of children's favourite sessions are the rainy ones! The only time we will cancel a session is in very heavy rain and/or high winds. 

What should my child wear for their Woodland Adventure?

We would ask that you send your child in appropriate clothing including a full set of waterproofs and walking boots or wellingtons. Long trousers and long sleeves are also a good idea, even in the summer months, so legs and arms don't get scratched or stung.

What about the toilet?

We have a privacy tent on site and handwashing facilities. 

What are the group sizes?

The maximum group size is 12. We like to ensure that we are able to spend time getting to know each individual child.

What is the staff to child ratio?

We have a minimum of 2 experienced staff (even with smaller groups)

Do I have to stay with my child?

No, our experienced staff will look after your child, so you don't need to be with them.

Is Wild Space Woodland Adventure Club safe?

We take your child's safety very seriously and our experienced, well-trained staff are always on hand to supervise your child. However, during their time at Wild Space children will be running around in a woodland environment, being their naturally wild selves, so inevitably there will be trips and tumbles. Also, as the children gain confidence and experience, they will be trained how to use tools such as hacksaws and bushcraft knives and lay, light and safely extinguish a campfire. We teach the children how to assess risk and look after themselves and others. Managing their own risk teaches gives children a great sense of responsibility. In case of accidents, there is a fully trained first aider with every group and a fully equipped first aid kit.

What are the benefits of Wild Space for my child?

There are so many benefits! Here are a just a few.....increased confidence and self-esteem, improved resilience and independence, enhanced feeling of well-being and reduction in stress, appreciation and understanding of their natural environment, increased empathy and emotional intelligence, increased physical fitness etc. etc, etc! Plus, all children who have spent the day outside sleep very, very well!


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